Website and Software Localization

The translation of documents for the World Wide Web can follow a three-step localizing procedure, in addition to our established translation procedures. Project managers will save each file as an HTML document for view online.

  1. Project managers will develop content mapping for translation and editing. Content mapping involves extracting text from HTML/XML/NET RESX/graphic source files or any other web files and developing a two-column file with English on one column and the translation in the other.
  2. The translators, editors, and other participants develop a final translation before one of the team members places the text back into the original source file.
  3. Engineers perform a quality assurance step with all the files and inspect each tag to determine if the tag is complete and in its original quality.
  4. To assure the final quality of web publishing and compliance with Section 508, translators proof the web sites after engineers implement the translations.